Discipline Reimagined

July 18-20, 2022 | Orlando, Florida

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

2.5 Day Restorative Training Experience
Presented by the Restorative Group in partnership with AMLE

Has your school seen a dramatic rise in student behavioral and mental health needs? Educators and parents across the country are observing an increase in regression, dysregulation, and connection-seeking behaviors that are disrupting learning environments and are also contributing to teacher burnout.

Traditional fear and shame-based classroom management and school child-blaming strategies likely will not work to turn these behaviors around. While they sometimes appear to create short term results towards ‘compliance,’ they end up harming the relationships between students and educators and the school climate as a whole.

Instead, join us for a workshop that empowers educators with a community-driven approach that is equity centered and based on applied neuroscience and trauma-informed practices. We’ll dig into models that use powerful but simple strategies to create sustainable results with severe behavior needs that can be used in both the classroom and in the home.


Registration is now open with special rates for AMLE members and discounted non-member rates through June 10.

Member – $575
Non-Member – $575 | $725 (After June 10)
Team (5 or more) – Every 5th Attendee Free
Group (20 or more) – Every 4th Attendee Free

What to Expect

Participants will leave with an understanding of how discipline should be used as a teaching tool, not fear-based compliance. We will learn how restorative practices can build sustainable, proactive approaches centered in relationships and responsive strategies for classroom and office behaviors. You will leave with a plan to ensure a sense of community and belonging in every classroom and groundbreaking responsive strategies that have been used and read by over 300,000 educators worldwide impacting millions of students.

Come join us for a 2.5 day training that will be fun, interactive, and leave you with strategies and resources to implement immediately!

Every participant will receive our fundamental version of the restorative toolkit ($250 value), 5 subscriptions to the restorative practices foundational virtual training modules ($600 value), and several other resources to bring this to fruition after the training experience. Those who attend all 2.5 days will receive a certificate of completion.

The Faculty

Facilitated by international, award-winning speaker and author of Hacking School Discipline – Nathan Maynard and experts Liz Toruno, Dwayne Reed, and Dr. Ben Lester

Nathan Maynard

Nathan Maynard

Bestselling author of Hacking School Discipline, founder of Restorative Group, and former youth worker and school administrator

Dwayne Reed

Dwayne Reed

Passionate teacher, author, student advocate and viral sensation

Liz Toruno

Liz Toruno

Veteran educator, SEL and behavioral specialist

2.5 Day Journey Map and Schedule

Day 1 – July 18: FULL DAY
Restorative Readiness Training.

8:30 a.m. – Registration Opens

9:00 am – 12:00 pm – Morning Session

12:10 – 1:10 pm – Lunch (provided with registration)

1:20 – 3:30 pm – Afternoon Session

Starting with the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ of this approach with a dynamic kick off session. Learning about applied-neuroscience and trauma-informed practices. How the opportunity gap leads to the achievement gap with our historically marginalized populations creating inequitable power dynamics, especially in our discipline practices. This day focuses on the proactive approaches to building community on campus and within the district with research-based strategies.

Day 2 – July 19: FULL DAY
Restorative Skill Development.

9:00 am – 11:30 am – Morning Session

11:40 am – 12:40 pm – Lunch (provided with registration)

12:50 – 3:30 pm – Afternoon Session

Responsive strategies need to look at opportunities to use discipline as a teaching tool.This day will emphasize the importance of shifting our strategies and dispositions. Moving from simply punishing students to using it as a teachable moment to bring up accountability on the person that causes harm – sometimes us as the educator. We will be focusing on conflict resolution, avoiding the blame and shame of ostracism discipline, and utilizing progressive logical and natural consequences. An emphasis will be placed on creating a restorative classroom and school culture, staff buy-in, and how to involve your community and home in the process.

Day 3 – July 20: HALF DAY
Restorative Implementation and Sustainability.

9:00 am – 12:00 pm – Half day session

Our team will bring a systems approach to addressing your goals and to build on your district’s considerable strengths to ensure that you continue to be a leader in education.

This last half-day session will provide time for strategic planning and discussions with district representatives that have used this approach and our team with real scenario questions. You will leave with where to start, how to sustain the practices, and what it looks like to have an intentional sustainable system based approach.


Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

From $176/night

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“The Restorative Group is changing the culture of schools nationwide. Delaware is lucky to work with The Restorative Group! Thank you again for all you do to enhance the social-emotional and restorative needs of schools while not pushing a program but a positive change!”
Supervisor of Instruction
Caesar Rodney School District

“These experiences have been great for myself as a leader on what to focus on, how to lead through restorative solutions and for my staff on how to support students in this. I appreciate all of the time Nathan spends with us, with our teachers and our students.” 
Jr HS Assistant Principal
Orland School District 135

“LOVED LOVE LOVED the opportunity to learn AND reflect!  It was great to acquire new knowledge but also to gain validation that we’re on the right path with restorative practices. More staff need to hear this!!”
Bakersfield County School District

“Nathan is doing some amazing work! I really like how he is able to listen to staff and meet them where they are at. He provides practical solutions to issues we see in our school every day. He also shares a different perspective since he has been able to work with so many schools around the nation. Hearing about his experiences has been a great resource for me as a building principal.”
Orland School District 135