AMLE Publications

AMLE is the leading publisher of books and products focused specifically on the education of young adolescents aged 10-15.

AMLE accepts publication proposals from prospective authors on an ongoing basis. AMLE intentionally prioritizes authors who are active practitioners and have demonstrated success implementing the middle school model. AMLE seeks to publish a diverse range of authors, and is supportive of first-time authors, including by providing additional editorial support.

Prospective authors should contact Stephanie Simpson at and review the AMLE Book Proposal Assessment for a list of requirements and the rubric used to assess proposals.

AMLE’s Board of Trustees has established the following guiding principles for its publications strategy:

  1. AMLE seeks to publish texts which are directly aligned with/essential to its Core Values, articulated in the 5th edition of its foundational text on middle grades best practice, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe. The texts AMLE’s publishes and carries in its Store establish/support AMLE’s reputation as an industry thought leader.
  2. AMLE seeks to publish texts which help advance academic, social, and developmental outcomes for all students. An asset-based, equity-informed lens is applied to all decisions about publications.
  3. As a small, non-profit AMLE has limited organizational capacity. AMLE’s is narrowly focused on texts it is uniquely positioned to publish/sell, that are within its expertise to publish, and that will advance the middle school model. There may be instances in which a text aligns with AMLE’s values, but which may be better suited to publication by other organizations (examples: subject-specific texts, topics outside AMLE’s recognized expertise, etc.).
  4. AMLE publications do not endorse any particular non-AMLE resource, program, or product, unless explicitly approved by a vote of its Board of Trustees. Publications may include lists of or reference to resources, programs, and products as potential options available to readers if germane to the publication topic.
  5. Pursuant to its strategic objective of fiscal sustainability, AMLE will focus on publishing texts that will provide a return on investment for the Association.
  6. AMLE looks to collective feedback from its membership to guide selection of publication topics, including its annual membership survey, post-event surveys, and committees/leaders.