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Leading Through Design Thinking Principles for Success
Presenter: Neil Gupta

Challenges in school design are a daily occurrence in all facets of the educational day. The webinar will provide insights on the design thinking process as well as share practical tools, tips, and strategies in each phase.
Topics: Leadership,
*Professional and School Members Only

Behind the Screen: Understanding the Power of Social Media in Young Peoples' Lives
Presenter: Rosalind Wiseman

How is social media influencing children and teens identity development, friendships, and conflict with other people? In this webinar, Rosalind Wiseman will share insights from teens about the impact of social media on young people's social dynamics, relationships and friendships through their social media platforms.
Topics: Bullying/School Safety, School Culture/Climate, Technology, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

Creating an Advisory Program that Works
Presenter: Matt Pearsall, Kate Tovias

How do you create a successful advisory program? Research suggests customizing a program for your school is key, but who has the time and resources to do that? You do! With thoughtful planning, any school can develop an advisory program that meets its particular needs.
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy,
*Professional and School Members Only

Growth Mindset in the Middle School Classroom: Lessons for Teachers
Presenter: Rachel Kamb, Tammy Fisher, Kate Tovias

This engaging webinar, drawing from experiential activities and interactive training materials embedded in the Second Step Middle School Program, aims to flip the growth mindset emphasis from student to teacher.
Topics: School Culture/Climate, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Best Middle School Social Studies Teaching Practices
Presenter: Jeremiah Clabough

In this webinar, Jeremiah Clabough leads a discussion with different aspects of best middle school social studies teaching practices.
Topics: Curriculum, Differentiated Instruction, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Differentiated Instruction Strategies
Presenter: Bryan Drost

Join AMLE and Bryan Drost, educational expert and digital guru, as we explore technological ways to check for understanding in the middle grades!
Topics: Assessment, Differentiated Instruction, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Poison Control and Medicine Safety Education for Middle School Students
Presenter: Krista Osterthaler

Drug poisoning is the #1 cause of injury death in the country. With the current national opioid crisis and 10,000 pediatric ER visits for medicine mishaps occurring in the U.S. each year, there is an evident need to instill a healthy respect for medicine safety among grade school students.
Topics: Bullying/School Safety, Health, Wellness, Guidance, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Practical Ways to Teach Social Justice & Critical Literacy in the Middle Grades
Presenter: Lina Bell Soares

Join AMLE and author and middle grades expert, Lina Bell Soares, as we examine how to bring social justice and critical literacy together to help every student in our schools!
Topics: Diversity and Social Equity, Language Arts and Literacy, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Social Media Wellness for Young Adolescents
Presenter: Ana Homayoun

Join AMLE and Corwin author and expert, Ana Homayoun, as we explore social media wellness and how we can help every young adolescent maintain a healthy social media life!
Topics: Bullying/School Safety, School Culture/Climate, Technology, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

A Trauma-Informed Toolbox for the Middle-Level Educator
Presenter: Michael Uden

Join AMLE and Dr. Michael Uden from Concordia University as we delve into this vital topic. Did you know that between half to two thirds of all school-age children experience some form of trauma?
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Family and Community, Health, Wellness, Guidance, School Culture/Climate, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

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