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Affiliate Town Hall - CMLA Restructure
Presenter: AMLE

Join us to learn more about AMLE's newly redesigned Collegiate Middle Level Association program and student membership structure.
*Professional and School Members Only

Reading for Meaning with Read Live
Presenter: Ben Weisner

Learn how to develop fluency, support vocabulary, and promote comprehension for developing and struggling readers using Read Naturally’s web-based software program, Read Live.
*Professional and School Members Only

Supporting Middle School Student Transitions in the COVID Era
Presenter: Michelle Jensen and Emily Morehouse

In a typical year, school transitions have the potential to evoke a wide variety of emotions, behaviors, and concerns for both young adolescents and their families. Being remote makes building trust and relationships even more challenging. Join us as we discuss key elements of a successful remote transition program and hear from two school leaders who are getting creative to welcome their new students.
Topics: Transitions to/from Middle School,
*Professional and School Members Only

Promoting Resiliency and Helping Families Thrive During and After COVID-19
Presenter: Pat Colleluori and Lisa Koenecke

With the COVID-19 crisis, many students will continue to shelter at home and experience the loss of end-of-the-year instruction, sports, after-school activities, and contact with friends. What can educators do to promote resiliency in students and their families?
Topics: Health, Wellness, Guidance, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

Math + Technology = Engagement
Presenter: Tara Maynard

Technology and mathematics should go hand-in-hand. Come see how technology has been integrated into a flipped math class so that students can explore topics and practice various concepts. Hear how the technology gives teachers instant data so they can change or alter instruction to meet the needs of the students. If used correctly, technology can enhance your math lessons and make your work flow smarter.
Topics: STEM, Technology,
*Professional and School Members Only

Addressing Adversity, Trauma, and Resiliency with our Young Adolescents during COVID-19
Presenter: Lori Desautels

In this webinar, we will explore how trauma and adversity impact the developing brain during heightened times of stress. We will discuss strategies and practices that dampen down our stress response systems while building engagement, connection and regulated brain states.
Topics: Health, Wellness, Guidance, Middle School Concept, School Culture/Climate, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

AMLE Member Maximization Webinar
Presenter: Jen Edse, Erin Scholes, Nancy Ruppert

Are you a new member of AMLE? Just joined an AMLE member school? Join us for this introductory webinar where we show you what you need to know to get the most from your membership, the different ways to get involved in AMLE, and the tools and resources to be a great middle school advocate.
Topics: Middle School Concept, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

Delivering Individualized and Spiralized Practice for Long-Term Math Retention
Presenter: Erica Martin, Director of Training for Get More Math

Erica Martin, Director of Training for Get More Math and 14-year math teacher, shares data-validated results on how her students saw increased long-term retention and decreased test anxiety on the end-of-year test by implementing two key strategies: daily spiral review and consistent cumulative testing.
Topics: STEM, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

AMLE Office Hours: Engaging, Cooperative Teaching in a Virtual World
Presenter: Terri Golden

Terri Golden leads a discussion on how to bring strong engagement, relationships and fun into your virtual class. While we’re sheltering at home, let’s use this opportunity to make our students raving fans of online learning, while ensuring they are learning the curriculum.
Topics: Teaching, Technology,
*Professional and School Members Only

Fostering Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships During Remote Learning
Presenter: Jen Cort

The parent-teacher relationship consists of the adults our children spend most of their day with, the adults with shared goals for helping the child develop healthy relationships with themself, with learning, with peers, and with the school community. The parent-teacher relationship is not without its challenges as we often disagree about how to meet these shared goals. And because of the segmented relationship, we avoid engaging in challenging yet important topics. Potentially this important relationship will be strained even further by COVID-19. In this webinar, Jen Cort shares ideas for strengthening the parent-teacher relationship at any time and specifically during COVID-19.
Topics: Family and Community, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

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