Delivering Individualized and Spiralized Practice for Long-Term Math Retention
Presenter: Erica Martin, Director of Training for Get More Math

The most challenging aspect for any teacher or school is helping students retain new math skills the entire school year. Erica Martin, Director of Training for Get More Math and 14-year math teacher, shares data-validated results on how her students saw increased long-term retention and decreased test anxiety on the end-of-year test by implementing two key strategies: daily spiral review and consistent cumulative testing. Prioritizing daily spiral review over the constant push to practice new content transformed her students' long-term retention to the point where her students were better prepared and less anxious about their large end-of-year assessment.

PAMLE This webinar was offered in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Middle Level Education to provide participants with Act 48 continuing professional education credit. To obtain credit, please complete the post-assessment after viewing the recording.

Erica Martin resides in Tyrone PA, where she has taught middle/high school math for the past 14 years. After the first year of using GMM, her high school jumped to 7th in the state for Algebra 1 Keystone Growth. As a full-time GMM trainer and program development specialist, her goal is to share with other teachers the potential for tremendous student growth by using Get More Math in their classrooms.
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