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What BehaviorFlip can do for your school
BehaviorFlip helps schools develop and infuse social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and trauma-informed strategies through the creation of sustainable and effective behavior monitoring solutions. BehaviorFlip effectively tracks and manages student behaviors and provides high quality social-emotional data to create student snapshots for administrators, instructors, families and students.

  • School leaders get a holistic insight into the culture of their school including seeing school, teacher, and student-level data and trends.
  • Educators can create classes, assign positive and negative behavioral events to students, and easily monitor the behavioral health of their classes.
  • Students can view their behavioral health, contact teachers, report bullying, or inform the school of other issues.
  • Parents can view and monitor behavioral events of their child, partner with educators to coach their child, assess yearly progress, and report bullying.

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