Walking the Talk: the ABCs of Middle Level Education

Stepping Up 4 the Critical Middle Grades

In this blog series, that launches on September 12, 2016, AMLE Director of Middle Level Services Dru Tomlin brings us information, ideas, questions, theories, and ponderings about the middle school concept. Every week, there will be a new post to make use wrestle with questions like, How do we define middle school? How do we explain it to others? What are we putting in our cookie jars?

Using the always tasty alphabet, Dru will stir up questions and conundrums, reach for high branches and deep roots, push against the fence lines and kick the tires, and share how we can reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools.

And what’s your job with this blog? Don’t just read it and sit idly by! Comment, contribute, connect, critique and more!