Tara Maynard

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Tara Maynard is first a learner then a teacher who thrives on challenges. This is her 22nd year teaching 8th grade math at Creekside Middle School in Zeeland, MI. She started flipping her classroom in 2012 in an environment with iPads 1:1. Her passions are technology, math and mentoring student teachers. Tara is currently addicted to Flipped Classroom, Twitter, and Moomer’s Ice Cream.

Topics Available

  • Math + Technology = Engagement
    Technology and teaching mathematics should go hand-in-hand. See how technology can be integrated into a math classroom so that students can explore topics and practice various math concepts. We’ll look at how technology should be used so teachers can get instant data from students too. If used correctly, technology can enhance your math lessons and make your workflow smarter.
  • Setting up a Collaborative Classroom
    Getting students to collaborate and work together takes time, patience, modeling, and thought-out activities. We’ll explore activities that have been used to set up a collaborative, student-centered classroom that is focused on relationships. From how the first day of school looks to maintaining the atmosphere all year long, we will discuss different ways to keep the classroom focused on students.
  • Let’s Flip Out
    What are some musts and must-nots to include in a flipped classroom? What aspects should students have a choice in? What structures need to be in place for a flipped classroom to work well so that students can achieve? We’ll talk about the nuts and bolts to get it working and all the realities too.
  • Practicing Content With and Without Technology
    Teachers need to be sure that investigation, communication, practice and reflection are all part of in-class (synchronous) time together. We’ll see how technology helps students explore different concepts but also allows teachers to gather data instantly to know what your students do and do not understand. Examples of various partner activities to help students communicate more as well as practice concepts in different ways will be explored as well.
  • Selecting Tools for Collaborative Lessons
    Teachers need to see students work, their thinking and be able to give feedback. Come learn about different web-based sites that allow teachers and students to collaborate as well as students to collaborate with each other. We’ll look at how to create activities as well as use templates and previously created materials. These sites will work for all subjects.

Contact Information

To book a professional development event with Tara, contact membercenter@amle.org