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World Language Education: Supporting This We Believe

World languages are an important component of effective middle level education. Helping young adolescents become fully functioning, self-actualized persons who are prepared for college, career, and the world, means giving them multiple opportunities to collaborate within and beyond the classroom and connect ideas across disciplines through problem solving and critical thinking. One way to reach

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Making a New Language Stick with Students

Best online resources to use at home and school There’s a reason people say, “It’s like learning a new language!” when learning something that’s difficult—it takes practice, diligence and off-hours studying to become fluent in a new language. What’s more, middle school students may struggle to become fluent in a new language with classroom instruction

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Leveling Up in a Gamified Classroom

Our students, like all students, don’t always do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes they talk when they should be listening. Sometimes they don’t read directions. Sometimes they have trouble working together in a cooperative setting. That being said, sometimes our students do something naughty that most other kids don’t do. Many educators have

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