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Middle School Gossip

When two seventh graders lead a staff meeting about social drama Seventh-grade teacher Laura Merrill looked around the room and asked her colleagues to close their computers. “If our students are brave enough to present to the entire staff,” she said, “we can give them our full attention.” The presenters, Thomas and Ian, are typical

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Helping Students Become a Better Version of Themselves

As a family and consumer science teacher at the middle school level, the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program lessons seem to blend seamlessly into my curriculum. Some of the major units of family and consumer science are interpersonal relationships, leadership, community connections, resource management, and global citizenship. The Lead2Feed lessons connect to each of these units on multiple

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Making a Middle School Magazine

A student-produced magazine celebrates middle level student voice. In October 2015, a team of seven editors—all eighth grade boys at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia—met during lunch to compare two digital publishing platforms. They judged entries for the Cover Art Contest and debated the potential of QR codes. By mid-November, a staff of 36

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