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It’s Not About a Trophy for All

Making sure every student has a fair opportunity to demonstrate academic proficiency Evaluating student performance using progressive assessment practices seems to have some people misled regarding its purpose. As my district has moved towards standards-based reporting of student progress, we find ourselves, as expected, explaining the reason behind this shift from traditional grading practices. One

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Diving into Standards-Based Learning

Essential steps to developing a standards-based classroom For too long, assessment has been something that is done to learners, and not with learners. Assessment has the power to build confidence, increase hope, and develop strong, reflective learners when used correctly. However, traditionally, assessment has often been a “gotcha” experience or a moment in time to place a value

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Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

How can you ensure your assessments provide accurate feedback? What’s the best way to assess students’ learning? During the past several years, we have developed a process that help us ensure we are using valid, effective, and rigorous assessments with our students—a process that every middle level teacher can use. Step 1. Deconstruct the standards.

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Understanding Assessment Changes Everything

A commitment to understanding assessment for learning changed this school’s culture. Much of today’s conversations around assessment include discussions about standards-based grading. Missing from this dialogue have been anecdotes about schools that have successfully made the transition from “traditional” grading to something different. Rock Quarry Middle School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, did just that. Last year,

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