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Wayside Teaching Revisited

Revisiting the value of informal teaching beyond planned instruction. Wayside teaching was first introduced in the May 1987 “As I See It” column in the Middle School Journal—30 years ago. Here is a slightly modified version of it, particularly for all those educators who came to the middle school more recently. Formal, organized instruction is

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Helping Middle School Girls At Risk for School Failure Recover Their Confidence and Achieve School Success: An Experimental Study

Middle school girls who are at risk have experienced a disproportionate number of intense and disruptive traumatic life events. Such events can adversely affect healthy development and often contribute to higher levels of school failure and problem behavior. Few programs focus on helping at-risk middle school girls achieve school success through gender-specific developmental intervention, and

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Enhancing the Social and Psychological Development of Young Adolescents

Addressing the social and psychological development of young adolescents is critical. How are you addressing the social and psychological development of your middle grades students? The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation caused many schools to place an enormous emphasis on promoting academic skills at the expense of addressing the needs of the “whole child.”

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