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Humanities in a STEM World

Even the most technical STEM jobs require verbal and written communication skills. John Engler, president of The Business Roundtable and former governor of Michigan, recently wrote an article for U.S. News and World ReportĀ entitled “STEM Education Is the Key to the U.S.’s Economic Future.” Engler pointed out the United States’ reliance on more qualified workers

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Learning About Learning in Science

PBL helps students see how knowledge is acquired and built upon. As we prepare our students for success now and in the future, we can begin by teaching them to explore and acquire knowledge, evaluate it to ensure it is sound, and share it. In his TED Talk titledĀ A Visual History of Knowledge, Manuel Lima

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Are You Ready for an Expedition?

Integrating service-learning with the study of science inspires students to explore. Real-world learning transforms passive observation into well-planned, deliberate action. By studying the environment, students identify connections that inspire questions: What issues affect our environment today? How can collective actions change trends caused by everyday habits? How can classroom learning transfer to real world situations?

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