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Changing the Narrative

Literacy as sustaining practice in every classroom Régine recently decided to plant a flower garden. A friend, who was also a master gardener, volunteered to help. Immediately, this friend began talking about how plants create “themes” in a garden. Would there be a theme of color, height, or texture? That’s when Régine nearly gave up

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Educating Students for the Future through a Strong Reading Program

Reading programs help identify and provide intervention for struggling readers Most of us go into education because we care about children and about the world. We want to help our children be the best they can be and reach their fullest potential. Reading is the most basic skill that we help our students develop. Knowing

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During Reading Response: Double-Entry Journals

This technique encourages students to read closely and discover and record text evidence Much of the writing we assign students is public writing: writing to communicate with others. Writing-to-learn is personal writing, writing that helps students increase comprehension of texts in all disciplines. In a 2010 report by the Carnegie Corporation, the #1 core instructional

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Creating Independent Readers

Independent reading assignments do not make students independent readers. Here are ways you can foster students on the journey to being independent readers The words “independent reading” should bring celebration, right? Somehow, a confluence of amazing events has occurred that has brought a student to a point in life where she is reading! However, indulge

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Exploring Web Comics

Examples of web comics and the implications to student readers Some teachers may suggest that no text can replace the classics, the perennial list of books that English teachers seem to love and endearingly pass on to students year after year. However, the list of what belongs in the canon is in perpetual debate as

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