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STEM Leadership Academy

Bringing STEM careers to middle school students Middle level education is currently placing an emphasis on integrating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes into curriculums around the nation, as well as involving more students in STEM extracurricular activities. In recent years, students were encouraged to participate in STEM programs through a variety of initiatives

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Doing What’s Best for Students

What’s best for students? I hear this question repeatedly in schools, yet day-to-day responsibilities often seems to get in the way of answering and fulfilling this promise. Best practices tell us that the more involved students are in their learning, the more they will grow. For this reason, we spend countless hours in professional development

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College and Career Readiness for Special Needs Students

Middle school teachers can change widespread “no-way” attitudes to “never-the-less” attitudes. Thinking about career and college readiness for a sixth grader is a little too soon for some teachers and parents. As a parent, I felt hard-pressed to decide the future for my son when he entered the middle grades. He was a young man

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Humanities in a STEM World

Even the most technical STEM jobs require verbal and written communication skills. John Engler, president of The Business Roundtable and former governor of Michigan, recently wrote an article for U.S. News and World Report entitled “STEM Education Is the Key to the U.S.’s Economic Future.” Engler pointed out the United States’ reliance on more qualified workers

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