Teaming Rocks! Collaborate in Powerful Ways to Ensure Student Success

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Learn how your team members can start working together to develop engaging and challenging interdisciplinary units, coordinate practices and policies, forge strong partnerships with families, and more with the latest release from Jill Spencer.

Full of insights and examples, Teaming Rocks! provides a vast array of practical ideas, strategies, and imaginative activities which show teams how to begin:

  • Building a genuine community of real thinkers.
  • Implementing curriculum integration.
  • Developing 21st Century skills in their students.
  • Connecting classrooms to the world via the Internet.
  • Taking the lead in the digital revolution.
  • Working smarter instead of harder.
  • Using a cross-curricular literacy approach.
  • Modeling the values and norms of the team.

Teaming Rocks! arrives in the nick of time to provide a resource that will help us resurrect the power and promise of teaming. Weaving together vivid vignettes and manageable methods, Jill makes us feel right at home as she uses a "read, try, and reflect" approach that pulls us into our classrooms and into our most reflective selves with poignant examples, questions, and insights."
    —from the Foreword by Nancy Doda

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