Every middle school is a bustling community, made up of a unique set of students and the parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff that all care deeply about student success. Leading in a space as complex and diverse as a middle school takes strong values, character, and more than a little optimism. 

We support middle school principals, assistant principals, and other administrators with leadership development, research, and school-wide resources and professional development tools you need to create a successful middle school.

The Successful Middle School: This We Believe

The single best resource we offer for administrators is our foundational position paper: The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, recognized as the best articulation of the middle school concept. Ground your team in best practice by exploring the five essential attributes and 18 characteristics of successful middle grades schools. AMLE offers a menu of customizable professional development products and resources to help you create the Successful Middle School program that works best for your school. 

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But is it really about Critical Race Theory?

But is it really about Critical Race Theory?: The attack on teaching about systemic racism and why we must care

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Middle Grades Mindset

Getting Back Into the Middle Grades Mindset

Before we start another school year, I have to address something dangerous. Thankfully, it has nothing to do with a pandemic, masks, or bottles of hand-sanitizer. This school-based danger comes in the form of the word “mindset.” Allow me to explain the dangers. First, I have no problem with one part of the word, “mind”–because

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Wayside Teaching Revisited

Revisiting the value of informal teaching beyond planned instruction. Wayside teaching was first introduced in the May 1987 “As I See It” column in the Middle School Journal—30 years ago. Here is a slightly modified version of it, particularly for all those educators who came to the middle school more recently. Formal, organized instruction is

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