Building Positive Relationships with Your Students

Join Jack Berckemeyer and Howard Ormond, members of the AMLE On-Site Professional Development Cadre, as they discuss specific strategies to motivate young adolescents. They examine the importance of building positive relationships with students and how teachers can truly impact the lives of young adolescents.


  1. I really enjoyed listen to this podcast. I really agree with the idea of getting to know your students on a level beyond academics and the curriculum. You want to be able to have conversations with them and show that you really care about them beyond the walls of the classroom. Once you show students that you care and are invested in them, they will work even harder for you, knowing that you will be there for them. It is also very important to be a good role model for them and show them that it is okay to have a hard day, but it’s how we handle those hard moments. I also think it is so important to share / communicate with colleagues about students that we’re having challenges with. We as teachers need be there to support each other, and “tricks” can really help lead to the success of all students in a variety of classrooms.

    Communicating and building positive relationships are very important for our success.

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