Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program – Building Future Leaders Through Service

Three middle level educators share their results

As a middle level educator, I understand the importance of standards-based grading to assess cognitive skills, however, I wanted to ensure that my students develop strong non-cognitive skills so they can be successful leaders in their communities and the world. I chose the Lead2Feed Student Leadership curriculum because it gives me a concrete way to assess students and give them feedback based on their non-cognitive and cognitive skills assessments that meet the course standards.

For instance, last spring a group of girls read I Am Malala in their English class and decided they wanted to increase the confidence of local women who were recovering from abusive situations. Embracing the Lead2Feed lessons, the girls coordinated a clothing drive and recruited local stylists to do makeovers. Students learned about global issues and were able to grow their leadership skills by positively impacting their community. When I assessed them on this project, I could easily grade the required standards and give specific concrete feedback based on the skills exhibited. I love that the Lead2Feed lessons grow the whole child!

Emmie Treadwell, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN. (Math, Leadership)

Lead2Feed video from AMLE2016

The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program is a perfect complement to middle level education because this is really when students begin to develop their leadership style and voice. It’s a great time to build the students’ sense of service and commitment to community. Lead2Feed lessons fit well in social studies and English because of the research and presentation skills embedded in the Project Based Learning curriculum.

My school has participated in the Lead2Feed Challenge for the past five years and students have risen to new heights each year. My students have been able to recognize need in their community and respond with compassion and intelligence. They discovered that more than 75% of our student population was economically disadvantaged, created a Pride Pantry for students and families, and provided furniture and clothes to a family who lost everything. They did it quietly and without seeking praise because it was the right thing to do.

Lead2Feed is one of the most rewarding units a middle level educator can teach. The goals that the students accomplish will stay with the teachers and students for a lifetime.

Kathleen Barger, Winton Woods Middle School, Cincinnati, Ohio (Gifted)

Lead2Feed provides high quality lessons on leadership, team-building, problem-solving, and community service and at no cost to the school or teacher.

The lessons in the Lead2Feed program are easily adapted to middle level advisory or homeroom programs or within classrooms themselves. I have used the lessons in my advisory class to work on developing social and emotional skills. Lesson #1 was the “hook,” and from there we worked on our team name and motto banding the group together. My team was then inspired to work on four different projects to fight hunger.

From the start of the lessons, it was amazing to watch leaders emerge. One socially awkward girl stepped up and created the team motto and continued to challenge the group to come up with more ways to fight local hunger. In the end, she decided to run for a position on student council with her newfound confidence and leadership skills. Join Lead2Feed and watch young leaders emerge!

Debbie Harris, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston, TX (Science Chair)

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