LaVonna Roth

LaVonna Roth

Author, Speaker and Lead Illuminator
Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.®
Tampa, FL

1. Name the key responsibilities in your current role
As an illuminator for stakeholders in education (students, parents, edcuators, etc.), my key responsibilities are to connect and build relationships with others and share knowledge that will inspire and provide key tools to increase student achievement. I help stakeholders know that success of all kinds start with the brain and social-emotional well-being.

2. Describe either your professional preparation, experience or achievements
Author of 8 books; a Bachelor’s Degree and 2 Master’s Degrees (all in education); taught at the elementary and middle school levels; was named Florida Social Studies Teacher of the Year along with district and school teacher of the year awards. Serve on the Board of Directors for Florida ASCD. Creator and founder of the Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.® inititaive where I serve as the lead illuminator and keynote speaker.

3. Describe the biggest challenge you’re currently facing in middle level education
One of the greatest concerns is helping ALL realize that this crazy developmental time in a child’s life is prime time to reach them. There is so much we can do to help students realize the value they have and the choice to be their ultimate. It can’t stop there though. It is providing them with the tools to make these choices by understanding their brain, mindsets and value.

4. Share what you do for fun when not in school
I read, walk in nature, and love to go do experiences with my family. I used to collect things, now I collect experiences!Experiences such as biyaking, paddleboarding, dip pen calligraphy and glass blowing.

5. Tell us why you are a member of AMLE
When I was teaching middle school, people used to ask me how I could teach that age group with all their hormones and how it is too late to reach them by then. I feel that is a prime age to reach students and AMLE is THE organization to make that happen! AMLE provides a way for educators of this group to learn and grow together!