Jen Cort

Passionate about Middle Schooler’s whom she describes as “the most authentic group of people out there!”, Jen’s career blends her experience as a clinical social worker and educator. Her educational administrative experiences are as an assistant head of lower school, head of a middle school and senior administrator. Jen’s therapy background includes serving as a counselor in lower, middle and upper schools as well as private practice. She began consulting after seeing a need for supporting schools to live out their missions regarding diversity and inclusion such that students can be seen and heard while learning to be visible and use their voices in productive ways. Jen has been a keynote speaker, presented at national conferences (including AMLE) is on the board of PAMLE, a frequent contributor to blogs and journals, and is the host of an internationally syndicated podcast “Third Space With Jen Cort” bringing student, faculty, staff, and parents voices focusing on equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice.

Topics Available

  • Programming equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice
  • Revamping your advisory program, creating lessons to be used remotely
  • Finding the balance for parents, teachers, and students during COVID-19
  • Navigating challenging conversations with parents, colleagues, and students
  • Creating norms when nothing is normal
  • Planning for the unplanned summer
  • Scenario planning for your school, considering the social and emotional needs of different scenarios
  • Strengthening the parent-teacher relationship
  • Finding the rhythm, teacher self-care
  • Supporting kids needs to be connected
  • Closure when we are closed, thinking through end of the year activities
  • Discussing privilege with middle schoolers
  • Interrupting bias, putdowns, and passive aggression
  • Responding to microaggressions (the unintentional injuries against someone’s social identifier such as race, gender, and more)

Contact Information

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