Announcing the Launch of The Successful Middle School: This We Believe

As part of this year’s conference experience, we’re releasing the new, updated edition of AMLE’s foundational position paper, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe.

We are excited to announce that every attendee will receive a free print copy mailed prior to the start of the conference! And #AMLE20 sessions will explore the book’s insights and help you use this landmark resource to develop a school culture, programs, and practices that embrace and develop every learner to their fullest potential.

This resource defines successful middle schools with an increased focus on creating learning environments and opportunities based not only on each student’s developmental needs, but on their individual social identities. It’s not about the school name, grade configuration, or whether the environment is in-person or virtual. This book is meant to be discussed amongst colleagues, integrated into professional development, and shared with parents and the community. Above all, it’s a call to action for renewed commitment by all who work with students ages 10 through 15 to develop successful middle school practices and educate our students responsively and equitably.

Want additional copies for your team? Pre-order the book today.

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