Middle Level Innovation Challenge

The pitches are in and we’ve narrowed it down to 5 innovative middle school educators who have some great ideas on how they’d like to use $2,500 to improve their classroom. Help us select the next Middle Level Innovation Challenge by casting your vote for your favorite pitch today!

Here’s how the scoring works:

  1. The middle school community will have until August 21st to cast a vote for their favorite pitch. Only one vote per person! Audience voting will account for 25% of the weighted ranking.
  2. AMLE’s expert committee will grade each pitch using the Middle Level Innovation Challenge Scoring rubric.
  3. The finalists will be notified by August 26th and have until September 2nd to accept their place in the final competition.
  4. The Middle Level Innovation Challenge Final Pitch will occur on the afternoon of Friday, October 23rd. All #AMLE20 registrants are invited to join us as our finalists make their pitches to our “shark” judges, who will select a winner.

Thank you for being a part of the Middle Level Innovation Challenge. Together we are virtually building the classroom of the future!

Cast your vote today!

Simone Lewis - Sensory SPA PBL

Simone Lewis knows that ensuring students social and emotional well-being in the virtual learning or brick and mortar classroom setting is extremely vital. Vote for this Project Based Learning idea and help her equip students with the tools they will need to deal with stressors such as COVID19 and racial tension.


Katie Malenich - SLMS Innovation Challenge

Mrs. Malenich would like to turn her classroom into a TV Studio to give her students the opportunity to plan, direct, film, and edit videos. She is hoping to teach students how to use various camera angles, audio, and lighting techniques to tell stories through film. Over 900 students would be impacted by the funding of this project as Mrs. Malenich sees every 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student at SLMS.


Tyler Daughtry - ALMS Social Studies Extravaganza

My innovative idea is titled the "ALMS Social Studies Extravaganza." Students would learn from their peers from each civilization through virtual meetings. Students would design a solution for the chosen issue. Students would create documentaries based on their findings for their topic. They would then present their documentaries at the ALMS Social Studies Extravaganza. At this event, stakeholders would come to learn more about the student's documentaries and assist in students' solutions.


Melissa Survinski - Hampton Middle School Maker Studio

At Hampton Middle School, we believe students need a place to bring together different content areas and explore their passion projects, and our Maker Studio will do just that! We would use the funding for a 3D printer, graphic design materials, professional resources on project-based learning for teachers, and materials for many different STEAM challenges. Our HMS Maker Studio mission is to ask, imagine, plan, create, experiment, and improve upon our ideas!


Michael Prothero - Mission Space

Take your students in to space by making your own classroom virtual space program. Students will be part of a team to complete various space mission using many high tech control panels like NASA!


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