General Sessions

The general sessions at #AMLE20 will be a blend of inspiring information and motivating insights that will get you excited about being a middle level educator.

How Our Brains Learn, Feel, Behave, and Socialize When There is Adversity and Trauma

Thursday - November 12, 2020
Join us as we explore brain development through an educator's lens. We will learn how adversity and trauma affect the way we learn, behave, and perceive the world, addressing specific brain-aligned strategies that regulate our nervous systems and help us to connect with one another.

The Engagement Party

Thursday - November 12, 2020
It is more detrimental for the brain of a middle school child to be bored than at any other time in that student’s educational journey. Therefore, every middle schooler must be invited to an engagement party that occurs in every classroom every day. This interactive keynote uses brain-compatible strategies to reveal who else should be in attendance at this party and explores the neuroscientific reasons as to why they should show. You’re invited as well! I’ll see you there!

What’s Your Story?

Thursday - November 12, 2020
Our middle grades story is amazing. We all play an important role in the past, present, and future development and rise of that critical plotline. With that said, how do we ensure that everyone we serve feels like an empowered, valued, major character in the story of school? By remembering who we were as young adolescents, who we are as middle grades educators, and who we want to become on the bright road forward, we can address that vital question. Engage and think during this interactive keynote filled with true tales from the middle grades schoolhouse.

The Educator Your Scholars Need

Friday - November 13, 2020
The first step in being the educator your scholars need is to build relationships with them! Teaching phenom, and relationship-building expert, Mr. Reed, will inspire your teachers in the art of Maslow before Bloom, which means getting kids to know you care before they care about what you know. Each participant will take away dozens of practical, relationship-building skills and strategies that can immediately be implemented in their classroom. Teacher leaders will also benefit from the lessons learned in this session!