Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Orlando, FL • October 25–27, 2018

General Sessions

Promoting Healthy Student Choices by Changing the Climate at School and at Home

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Thursday - October 25, 2018
Rosalind Wiseman and Sameer Hinduja share a toolbox of techniques to promote positive youth behaviors through school climate and parenting-based initiatives. First. Dr. Hinduja encourages attendees to marshal the powers of peer influence and school culture to curtail peer harassment, bullying, and other problem behaviors by focusing on social norming, youth grassroots campaigns, peer mentoring, student advisory boards, role-playing scenarios, and other research-based strategies. Not only will these enhance youth achievement, productivity, connectedness, and morale, but also produce students who are safe, smart, honest, and responsible both offline and online.

Rosalind Wiseman will expand on Dr. Hinduja's presentation on how educators and parents can better communicate with people about these issues. Wiseman will begin by highlighting some of the "land mines" adults often step on—in spite of our best intentions—that often derail not only learning opportunities but also create disconnection in our relationships with young people. Wiseman will provide relatable situations and the realistic responses that get away from fear-based approaches to one where critical thinking skills, media literacy, social competence, and empathy form the foundation for learning and creating cultures of dignity in schools.

You Make the Difference

Friday - October 26, 2018
LaVonna Roth: You spend all day (and sometimes nights) taking care of everyone else. You are the master of serving others! So, when do you serve you? When you take care of you, you are at your best to serve others. Get ready for an interactive and motivational moment as we celebrate YOU and how you S.H.I.N.E.!

Marlena Gross-Taylor: Our students have incredible passion and talents, but what is their vision for success? As EduGladiators, we are in the unique position to help our students build their door of opportunity and experience success!

Peter DeWitt: Whether we are teacher leaders, instructional coaches or building and district leaders there needs to be a focus on student as well as adult learning and impact. Collaborative leadership: Six Influences That Matter Most focuses on how leaders can use six of John Hattie's high effect influences on learning to foster growth in their teachers and put the focus on learning for students.