AMLE Schools of Distinction Logo Design Competition

It’s official! AMLE Schools of Distinction has a logo that will be used to recognize schools around the world for their commitment to middle grades best practice.

Schools of Distinction Logo

Thank you to the middle level education community for participating in the logo design competition.

And the winner is:

Brigid GauthierBrigid Gauthier, 6th, 7th and 8th grade math teacher at Mabelle B. Avery Middle School in Somers, Connecticut.

Brigid just completed her first year of teaching, which she says taught her to truly expect the unexpected. Her favorite part of teaching in the middle grades is seeing how much personality all of her students have. She’s passionate about teaching math, and values being able to focus on teaching the subject area she loves in her middle school setting. Brigid describes her design as “simple and clean while also keeping it bright and fun.”

Congratulations also to our honorable mention awardees for their creative designs and thoughtful narratives:

Cassidy Aickin, 7th grade student at American School of Bombay
“I like the notion that sunflowers always turn to the sun. I think this mindset of always turning toward the bright side is crucial, especially in the situation much of the world is in. Schools have had to be flexible and optimistic in a time where it is hard to be either of those things.”

Natalie Altice, 8th grade student at William Byrd Middle School
“I chose the bright colors because I think that it represents the bright and happy environment that schools bring to students. The design is meant to represent a school that has a healthy and happy learning environment that the AMLE program is looking for.”

Adrionna Eanes, 8th grade student at William Byrd Middle School
“The pencil and notebook are there to represent academics, creativity, and originality.”

Connor Mounts, 8th grade student at Rainier Middle School
“My logo is, to me, a good example of what everyone is: special and unique nothing else like it.”

Shakya Thompson, 8th grade student at William Byrd Middle School
“…anyone can accomplish anything if they just put their mind to it.”

Emerson Janes, 5th grade student at Guidepost Montessori
“What makes a school great? Communication, the teachers, the students, and a trusting school community that inspires kids.”

Join us in celebrating our honorable mentions and our winner, Brigid Gauthier, who will be recognized at the #AMLE21 Annual Conference this November.

Learn more about AMLE Schools of Distinction and how your school community can be recognized.