John H. Lounsbury: Middle School Mentor to All

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With a career spanning more than 70 years, John Lounsbury has been a teacher, writer, editor, mentor, and advocate for the development of schools and educators who are responsive to the developmental needs of young adolescents.

In this thoughtful and engaging book about John Lounsbury’s life and influence, you will learn about the man who has been “middle school mentor to all” as the title so aptly recognizes. Through his speeches, articles, books, presentations, service on boards and committees, and his dynamic leadership on so many educational projects, John mentored thousands of teachers, administrators, and university professors, from the newest middle level teacher to the oldest professor.

Read about Dr. Lounsbury’s formative years, K-12 and higher education career, and publications and advocacy work, which have inspired countless education professionals to focus on doing what’s best in the middle grades.