Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development & Classroom Practices 3rd Ed

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The third edition of this perennial best seller is without a doubt the best resource available to help middle level educators renew their understanding of young adolescents and how schools can apply that understanding to the classroom. With new research and data to support its realistic treatment of ways schools can promote harmony and increase student learning, this publication offers a fresh perspective on what is the heart and soul of middle level education.

The chapter on intellectual development has been expanded to include recent research findings on brain development as well as attention to the importance of emotional development. The all new and particularly pertinent chapter on social, personal, and moral development also includes a treatment on the impact of media and new technologies on young adolescents’ daily lives. Promoting Harmony is a fresh, common sense presentation of what we know about learning and young adolescents, punctuated by vignettes of practices that illustrate harmony or disharmony. It makes an excellent text for preservice teachers or for an engaging and meaningful school-based professional development experience.