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Activities to Strengthen Students' Interdisciplinary Social Studies Thinking, Literacy, and Argumentation Skills
Presenter: Jeremiah Clabough

In this webinar, we will explore four classroom-ready activities that can be utilized by middle school social studies teachers to strengthen their students' economic, geographical, civic, and historical thinking, literacy, and argumentation skills.
Topics: Curriculum, Differentiated Instruction, Language Arts and Literacy, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

The Promise of Early Adolescence: Rethinking Middle Level Education to Reflect Our Understanding of Adolescent Development
Presenter: Nancy E. Hill, Joanna Lee Williams, Lisa Harrison

In this webinar, we dive specifically into the promise of early adolescence, drawing findings and recommendations from the report, The Promise of Adolescence: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth, to explore the principles of young adolescent development and identify ways that they can be applied in the middle school years.
Topics: Diversity and Social Equity, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

Middle School: A Place to Belong and Become
Presenter: Patti Kinney, Laurie Barron

If we reduce down what research tells us about quality middle level education, two concepts rise to the topbelonging and becoming. Based on the AMLE book of the same name, the authors, both award-winning former middle level principals, will share practical strategies they used to ensure their schools were a place where students could both belong and become.
Topics: Middle School Concept, School Culture/Climate, Young Adolescent Development,
*Professional and School Members Only

The ABCs of the Middle Grades Mindset: 10 Terms to Create a Great School
Presenter: Dru Tomlin

Join AMLE and Dr. Dru Tomlin as we examine 10 key terms and ideas that can help any teacher or leader create a great middle grades classroom and school. This engaging webinar will include concepts from Dr. Tomlin's forthcoming AMLE book, The Middle Grades Mindset: A Lesson Plan from A-Z.
Topics: Diversity and Social Equity, Inspiration, Leadership, Middle School Concept, Organizational Structures, School Culture/Climate,
*Professional and School Members Only

Just One Educator Can Completely Alter the Trajectory of a Child
Presenter: Baruti Kafele

In this webinar, Baruti Kafele will make the case that despite the challenges, obstacles and even despair that a youngster may bring to school every day, there is always that one educator who can completely alter that youngster's trajectory for the rest of his life.
Topics: Diversity and Social Equity, Inspiration, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Engage Me, Please ... Using Brain-Powered Learning!
Presenter: LaVonna Roth

Zzzzz's are not the sounds we want to hear in a classroom. Join author LaVonna Roth as she taps into engaging the brain in learning so student achievement (and confidence) soar!
Topics: Classroom Management, Professional Development, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Practical Social-Emotional Learning Strategies to Reduce Adolescent Bullying
Presenter: Matt Pearsall

In this webinar we will explore what bullying looks like among adolescents and how a focus on social-emotional learning creates a safe and supportive environment, builds strong adult-adolescent relationships, and reduces online and real-world bullying and conflict.
Topics: Bullying/School Safety,
*Professional and School Members Only

Classroom Management: Communication Strategies that Empower Students
Presenter: Victoria Lentfer

Join AMLE and Corwin author, Dr. Victoria Lentfer, as we explore proactive strategies to de-escalate challenging situations, empower student behavior through choice, and create a culture of respect, love, and kindness.
Topics: Classroom Management, School Culture/Climate, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

Technology for Educators
Presenter: Denver Fowler

Join AMLE and Dr. Denver J. Fowler as we discuss how to utilize technology effectively with school leadership and classroom instruction.
Topics: Technology,
*Professional and School Members Only

Successfully Reaching Difficult-to-Discipline and Other At-Risk Students
Presenter: Charles Beaman

The purpose of this presentation is to provide teachers with the necessary skills to engage the worst as well as the best behaved students.
Topics: At-risk/RTI, Classroom Management, School Culture/Climate, Teaching,
*Professional and School Members Only

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