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Young Adolescent Development

Leading Your Own Learning through Personal Learning Networks

Leading Your Own Learning through Personal Learning Networks

As an educator, you feel each day the endless demands of your time, attention, and effort. And in the midst of all that is required of you for your students, parents, and others, you still need to find the time to...
Author: Ryan M. Rich
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"Several of my students have invited me to be 'friends' on Facebook, but I am nervous about communicating with them via social media. Any advice?"

As social networking continues to increase, questions about issues such as free speech rights, and even educator–student relationships increase as well. Let me start by saying that your board should have a...
Author: Charles J. Russo
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Join the Crowd: Building a PLN

The phrase "Teachers work in isolation," has long been used to describe the working conditions of educational professionals, including most middle level teachers. Educators have found ways to solve this problem by...
Author: Christopher S. Weiler
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Social Media for Middle Level Classrooms

Research Summary

Seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff piloted a social media program in her Portland, Oregon classroom. By the end of the year, 20% of students school-wide were completing additional assignments for no credit,...
Author: Alicia Wenzel, Ken Carano
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Blogging: Writing in the Real World

Blogging: Writing in the Real World

Blogging is real-world writing for an authentic audience.

If you asked my students whether they do a research paper in my seventh grade English class, they would probably say “no”—not because they don't do research, but because they don't do research and...
Author: Jamie Diamond
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Helping Students Navigate the World of Texting

Helping Students Navigate the World of Texting

If you ask a group of students what they love about texting and what they can't stand, you'll get an earful! Texting offers some interesting challenges for middle school students as they develop and practice social...
Author: Devorah Heitner
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The Face of Grieving: How Students Handle Death in a Digital World

I knew I would be early. It was approximately two hours prior to the start of the Soaring Ahead ceremony, our eighth-grade graduation, and I was anxious to set up the video slideshow I had created for this grand...
Author: John Priest
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Teach Like You Tweet!

We can never underestimate the power of belonging and relationships. As middle level educators, we know the correlation between establishing relationships and student achievement, but have we considered the need to...
Author: Brent Armstrong, Susanne Long
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Why Connect? A Connected Educator's Story

Why Connect? A Connected Educator's Story

When I talk to colleagues about being a “connected” educator, the first response is often “I don’t have time!” followed by “Why? What’s in it for me?” I can relate....
Author: Todd Bloch
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Parent Perceptions and Recommendations about Homework Involving Wikis and Blogs

Middle grades parents share their views of online homework assignments.

Homework is an important way for teachers to develop relationships with their students' parents and other caregivers. The learning activities teachers assign for homework provide parents a window into the content and...
Author: Christine A. Portier, Shelley Stagg Peterson, Zelia Capitao-Tavares, & Kamla Rambaran
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