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Consider Connections

Consider Connections

Integrating social responsibility across the content areas

During middle school, students begin to strengthen their ideas and beliefs about themselves and the world around them. To become socially responsible citizens, students need the skills to explore controversial issues...
Author: Kasey Short
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Welcome to the Inclusion Revolution

Welcome to the Inclusion Revolution

Growing a culture of inclusion builds bonds and improves opportunities for all students

For the life of me, I cannot remember having a significant interaction in middle school with my peers who had disabilities. I'm not a particularly forgetful person; I have many memories from my small town middle...
Author: Katie Howlett, Nick Cedergren
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Tags: Inclusion
Who Am I

Who Am I

Using young adult literature to explore adolescent identity

Everybody has a story. These stories comprise the events in our lives that intersect in complicated and uniquely beautiful ways to shape our perceptions and general outlook of the world. They demonstrate our strengths...
Author: Vanessa E. Vega
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It's Different Now

It's Different Now

Four experiences for educators to consider about today's young adolescents

It's not our imagination, kids really are different. Today's youth face four constructs that adults either did not experience at all or did not experience in the same way as youth today. Athletics As a parent of...
Author: Jen Cort
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Integrating yoga class structure and style in the middle school classroom

I nervously entered the room and found a seat in the back. I looked around to find the fastest exit, but I was too late; the teacher walked in, queued the music, and dimmed the lights. "Welcome" she began. "It is a...
Author: Molly Mee, Walter Mills
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Topics: Teaching
Teaming in Middle School

Teaming in Middle School

Three team approaches that respond to students' unique needs

From the inception of the middle school movement, team approaches to instruction were considered the preferred way to organize a school housing grades 4-8, 5-8, or 6-8. Today, educators see teaching teams as a key to...
Author: Elliot Merenbloom
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Bring on the Dog-and-Pony Show

Bring on the Dog-and-Pony Show

Approaching teacher evaluation from a variety of perspectives

The term dog-and-pony show, in reference to teacher evaluation, frequently denotes a false presentation by a teacher to demonstrate instruction that is only done for the sake of the evaluation. I understand the...
Author: Perry A. Finch
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Topics: Leadership
Microaggressions in the Classroom

Microaggressions in the Classroom

Discussion and disruption to reduce and end harmful language and behaviors

As a white, privileged, cisgender, heterosexual male, I can walk into most situations with people of my own race, or with mixed race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status groups, and not have to be on...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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What Does Social Responsibility Mean to a Middle Schooler?

What Does Social Responsibility Mean to a Middle Schooler?

Asking—and listening—to our students pays off

Last night I saw the play Dear Edward Hansen with my 14-year-old eighth grader, Zoey. It's amazing, of course, but one thing that really struck me was the audible sobbing during the show. This is a play about a...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Eight Counseling Techniques Every Middle School Educator Can Use

Eight Counseling Techniques Every Middle School Educator Can Use

Taking the time to help your students navigate the highs and lows of adolescence

By the time Catie, 14, stormed out of her last class of the day, she felt disconnected from her emotions. She had no idea how deeply she'd been impacted by a minor fight with her mother on the way to school. In...
Author: Phyllis L. Fagell
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Tags: Guidance
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