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Six Ways to Help Middle Schoolers Create a Kind, Trusting Culture

Six Ways to Help Middle Schoolers Create a Kind, Trusting Culture

Activities that bring perspective, invite empathy, and build social skills

"I can't believe what happened," Janine* said. Her daughter Greta's best friend overheard two girls calling her a stuck-up loser, so she secretly videotaped their conversation and texted Greta the evidence. Janine was...
Author: Phyllis Fagell
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Your Students Have Cell Phones

Your Students Have Cell Phones

Let the torture, I mean, texting begin

A rite of passage for many students entering middle school is being handed their own cell phone. Chances are that parents of kids entering fifth, sixth, or seventh grades have discussed cell phones ad nauseum because...
Author: Kathleen McGuiness
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Tags: Texting
8 Ideas for Engaging Families and the Community

8 Ideas for Engaging Families and the Community

Strong family and community relationships are critical components of positive school culture

The importance of building strong relationships with parents and community members cannot be underestimated; these stakeholders must be an integral aspect of a school's culture. School leaders must also recognize that...
Author: Randy Jensen, Tyler Shafer
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Students' Choice and Voice in Reading Modes

Students' Choice and Voice in Reading Modes

Audiobooks, eBooks, and print, each play a role in students' personalization of reading

If all my students earned 100% on their reading assessments, but then left my classroom hating reading, I have failed as a teacher. It is not in the Common Core Standards to foster a lifetime love for reading. The...
Author: Sarah Sansbury
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Creating a Mindful Classroom

Creating a Mindful Classroom

Four mindful practices to promote optimal learning in the middle school classroom

With all the talk about mindfulness and learning, are there simple mindful practices teachers can use to make students available for optimal learning? The answer seems to be promising as growing enthusiasm for...
Author: David Hughes
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Equity, Access, and Inclusiveness: Supporting Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Young Adolescents in the Mainstreamed Middle School Classroom

Research Summary

Introduction The numbers of deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) students mainstreamed in classrooms today is growing (Kelman & Branco, 2009). More than 87% of D/HH students receive instruction in general education...
Author: Alicia Wenzel, Patrick Graham
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Handling Confrontation

Handling Confrontation

Addressing conflict head on and with honesty and respect builds a culture of collaboration

Are you ready? It's coming. That inevitable confrontation. It's coming and you know it. You versus them. Head to head. Will you have time to lace up or will it be too late? You play it out in your mind: POW! They...
Author: Shawn Hemminger
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Automation and Robotics in a 1:1 School District

Automation and Robotics in a 1:1 School District

Technology to enhance learning, hone teaching skills, and showcase student learning

My school district recently went 1:1, meaning each student receives their own district-issued Chromebook for use throughout the school year. As an Automation and Robotics teacher, I was interested to see how this...
Author: Ross Hartley
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Professional Preparation and Credentialing of Middle Level Teachers

A position paper of the Association for Middle Level Education

The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) strongly supports the specialized professional preparation and credentialing (i.e., licensure, certification, endorsement) of middle grades teachers at both the...
Author: AMLE Board of Trustees
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Don't Give Up the Ghost

Don't Give Up the Ghost

We owe it to our middle school students to be caring, to be present, and to be their advocates

I like to read. Fiction and nonfiction. Mystery. Crime. Middle grades. Biography. Memoir. Political. Children's. Academic articles. Newspapers. Satire. All over the board. I read a lot because inspiration comes from...
Author: Matthew Moulton
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