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Communication: Merging Technology and Visual Imagery with Problem Solving

Communication: Merging Technology and Visual Imagery with Problem Solving

Common Core Standards and 21st century skills, with their emphasis on communication through listening and speaking, are a good fit for middle grades students who thrive on interaction. Case in point: my sixth...
Author: Nancy Ruppert
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Using SOURCES to allow digital natives to explore the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The authors discuss use of the SOURCES framework to promote authentic learning experiences in a social studies classroom.

Far too frequently, many students find history to be boring, rate it as their least favorite subject, or perceive it as irrelevant (Allen, 1994; Black & Blake, 2001; Jensen, 2001; Zhao & Hoge, 2005). One way...
Author: Scott M. Waring, Cicely Scheiner-Fisher
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Topics: Teaching
It's All in How You Ask the Question

It's All in How You Ask the Question

Helping students develop investigable questions

Children like to explore, wander, and discover new things. This natural curiosity drives their active participation in the process of learning and discovery. Their curiosity sparks questions about unfamiliar...
Author: Krystabelle D. Rodriguez
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Let's Get Physical: Reading and Movement

Let's Get Physical: Reading and Movement

Active reading gets a boost when teachers add movement to the lesson plan.

We often assume that by the time they walk through our doors, middle school students know how to read well. Yet, that’s not always the case. And with the complex text requirements of the Common Core State...
Author: John Helgeson
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Student Voices Against Bullying

Student Voices Against Bullying

Students sit down face to face to confront bullies and bullying.

Bullying isn’t what it used to be. In the age of social media, taunts and gossip are now posted on the Internet for all to see. When those comments become bullying that affects our students, educators require a...
Author: Sean M. Brooks
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Moving from the Middle

Moving from the Middle

Transition programs should address the procedural, social, and academic aspects of the move to high school.

The middle-to-high-school transition is fraught with stressful challenges. Principal among them is the change in school environments. Many students move from middle schools organized into interdisciplinary teams of...
Author: Cheryl R. Ellerbrock, Jennifer M. Denmon, Bridget Mahoney, Michael Dicicco, & Laura Sabella
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Smooth Sailing to Middle School

Smooth Sailing to Middle School

Action, articulation, and activities provide a framework for the transition to middle school.

Fear of the unknown—or fear based on a false belief—is one barrier fifth graders and their parents face as they make the transition to middle school. When this barrier is removed, students can embrace the...
Author: Joy Jameson Lea
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Focus on School Climate

The Maryland State Board of Education recently approved new school discipline regulations designed to end disparities in how students of different races are punished for violating school rules. The new policies are...
Author: Bob Wise
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Be Irresistible

So if teaching in middle school is not about popularity, what is it that makes students what I call “pickers and choosers”? They go into one room and are well-behaved and on target; in other rooms a whole...
Author: Elyse S Scott
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Lessons Learned from a Startup

Education is indeed a noble calling. Among and between the frustrations, red tape, glacial speed of change, monotony, and normal emotional fallout of “crucial conversations,” there are those wonderful,...
Author: Jason Larocque
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