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A Middle Years Love Story

A Middle Years Love Story

Why is it that on the news every day, they start by saying "good evening" and then proceed to tell us exactly why it isn't? Some of the most powerful statements and questions I've ever heard—like the one...
Author: Summer Howarth
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Literacy for All: Learning  at a "Just Right" Level

Literacy for All: Learning at a "Just Right" Level

Using leveled text across the curriculum helps every teacher be a literacy teacher.

Teachers at all levels and in all content areas are faced with the challenge of supporting students with reading challenges and raising test scores. Every classroom can have students on three or more different reading...
Author: Holly Noel Wagner, Jeanne Bonds, Barb Superka
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Compassionate Discipline: Dealing with Difficult Students

Compassionate Discipline: Dealing with Difficult Students

Reaching and teaching all students requires an understanding of them inside and out.

If you are tired of dealing with negative student behaviors day in and day out, you are not alone—in fact, you are firmly in the center of the average teacher's experience. Still, managing difficult student...
Author: Grace Dearborn
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Technology in Advisory Programs: The Softer Side of Hardware

Chase sat in the back of the room every day, silent and sullen, hiding behind his long bangs. I was supposed to be teaching him about ancient Mesopotamia, and everything about his body language said, "Leave me...
Author: Lynn Salehi
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How I Won the Grading Game

How I Won the Grading Game

One single event can change teaching forever.

With more than two decades of experience, I have seen my share of the unusual, but one event in one eighth grade class forever changed the way I think about instruction and grading. It lead me on a personal and...
Author: Theresa Heilsberg
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Topics: Teaching
Five Stepping Stones to School Success

Five Stepping Stones to School Success

Educators are empowered by developing common goals and language together

The room was getting hot. The matter at hand was even hotter. Seventeen of our schools had plummeted to the lowest performance level allowed by the state. In short, they were failing and we had to come up with a...
Author: Cedrick Gray
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Topics: Leadership
New [School] Year Resolutions

New [School] Year Resolutions

August is a perfect time to set goals for the new school year.

The effects of the warm sun on my skin are starting to fade and my internal clock is ticking down the moments, which means one thing: a new school year is approaching. That realization may bring feelings of...
Author: Amanda Kline
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5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

Five new teachers share their strategies for success and sanity.

Novice classroom teachers offer a great deal to schools at all levels. They often bring creativity, a high level of energy, and new and effective ways to use technology. With that said, new teachers may experience...
Author: James Davis
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Skyping with History

Skyping with History

Field trips aren't the only ways to connect students to the world.

A majority of the students at my inner city middle school in Ohio are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch. Many are not able to travel beyond their neighborhood or venture outside the city in which they live....
Author: Dan Jones
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Moving Students from Passive Consumers to Active Creators

In the 1997 film Good Will Hunting, an arrogant graduate student in economics embarrasses Will Hunting's non-academic friend (Ben Affleck) by pointing out his lack of education and tries to prove his own intellectual...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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