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Transitioning to Higher Ed: Reflections of a Middle Grades Professor

Transitioning to Higher Ed: Reflections of a Middle Grades Professor

Comparing middle level and college instruction.

Career changes often come with feelings of apprehension, excitement, and concern. At the same time, they also present an opportunity to reflect, process information, and use the change as a springboard for future and...
Author: James Davis
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Finding My Way Back

Finding My Way Back

Making a comeback to teaching in the middle.

I miss teaching. I'm shocked even to admit that. I'm even more shocked to admit that I'm considering a comeback. I've spent the past five years trying to separate myself from the teaching profession. My Arkansas...
Author: Adam Reeves
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Preventing Plagiarism: Three Proactive Paraphrasing Lessons

Preventing Plagiarism: Three Proactive Paraphrasing Lessons

You've read it … that one passage in a student research paper that startles you. The sentence structure and vocabulary exceed middle school norms. You raise your eyebrows, shake your head, and take a deep...
Author: Lisa Brennan
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"Sometimes we are so focused on our teams and PLCs that we don't establish relationships with other teachers around the school. Any ideas for promoting schoolwide relationships and collaboration?"

Cultivating, building, and sustaining relationships is not guaranteed in all learning environments; however, just as we help students develop cooperative and communication skills, we can adopt and hone collaborative...
Author: Sandy Cameli
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Soft Skills: Preparing Kids for Life After School

Soft Skills: Preparing Kids for Life After School

Colleges and employers emphasize the importance of core skills.

Standards writers, curriculum designers, and classroom teachers have spent the past several years clamoring to find ways to revitalize curriculum and instruction and increase rigor in ways that prepare students for...
Author: Jaime Greene
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International Lessons on Leadership

The best leaders learn as much as they can about those who are different than they are. The more we experience different countries, cultures, languages, religions, and people, the broader our world view becomes and...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Teaming Up for a Technology Boot Camp

In January 2013, educators in Ohio's Mentor Public Schools decided to align the district's academic focus to the instructional practices of blended learning. After extensive piloting of a variety of devices, the...
Author: Adam Dudziak, Doug Baker, Ericka Blackburn, Jeremy Shorr
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Topics: Technology
Ignite the Reading Spark in Young Adolescents

Ignite the Reading Spark in Young Adolescents

Speed date a book? Let students give it a try!

Although it's been said that all learning should come from the teacher, sometimes it's the students who do the teaching. In my second year of teaching, Chad, an eighth grade student, taught me my first lesson. Under...
Author: Leta Simpson
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The Kind of Learning We Need

The Kind of Learning We Need

Empowering our middle school students to make the world a better place.

At Americans Who Tell The Truth, we are eager to stir the hearts and minds of young people towards caring deeply and acting boldly to make our world a better place. Often such initiatives are reserved for experiences...
Author: Nancy Doda
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Topics: Teaching
Are You Ready for an Expedition?

Are You Ready for an Expedition?

Integrating service-learning with the study of science inspires students to explore.

Real-world learning transforms passive observation into well-planned, deliberate action. By studying the environment, students identify connections that inspire questions: What issues affect our environment today? How...
Author: Philippe Cousteau, Cathryn Berger Kaye
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Topics: STEMTeaching

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