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Things Learned—or Affirmed—as a Middle School Mom

Things Learned—or Affirmed—as a Middle School Mom

Confessions of a former middle school principal.

As a life-long middle school advocate, I have always known and valued my students as their teacher and school leader, but recently I became a middle school mom. As a parent, many of my beliefs about doing what is...
Author: Kate M. Cassada
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Topics: Inspiration
Making Meaning with Films

Making Meaning with Films

Films can—and should—be more than time-killers in your classroom.

We all know the stereotypical image of the teacher who, tired of direct instruction, dims the lights, turns on the DVD player, and sits quietly while students stare at the screen. The problem here is not that students...
Author: Jason D. DeHart
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Cafeteria Duty, Hugs, and Suspensions

Cafeteria Duty, Hugs, and Suspensions

A day in the life of an interim assistant principal.

Eleven years. That is the number of years I taught seventh grade before even thinking about delving into administration. The thought of moving my home base out of the classroom and into the office had always given me...
Author: Sarah Taylor
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Topics: Leadership

Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience!

As educators, we search for tools to improve efficiencies, increase engagement, and assist students in their learning processes. Working in a school that utilizes the Google Apps for Education suite, I discovered that...
Author: Autumn DeGroot
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Differentiation: Closing the Gap between Frustration and Success

Differentiation: Closing the Gap between Frustration and Success

Teaching and learning in diverse ways.

As middle school teachers, we are well aware of the many ways in which our student populations vary. From physical appearances and stages of development to prior experiences and ethnicities, students' compositions...
Author: Kelsey Eursery
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Partnering for Success

The excitement in the room is palpable. Teams of middle grades students are engaged in a fingerprinting lab to gather evidence for identifying the likely culprit in a forensics project, "Who Kidnapped Thunder?",...
Author: Sandy Webb
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Develop community and encourage students to build positive relationships with one another throughout the school year

We often focus on “getting-to-know-you” activities during the first weeks of school yet what are some ways I can develop community and encourage students to build positive relationships with one another...
Author: Kristie Smith
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Topics: Teaching
Skimming and Scanning for Understanding

Skimming and Scanning for Understanding

Teaching students to skim and scan can hone their skills for college and beyond.

Regardless of their achievement level, students sometimes reach the end of a difficult reading passage with no recollection or understanding of what they have read. Even highly proficient readers may find themselves...
Author: Kaitlyn Hartling
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The Love Bubble

The Love Bubble

Using writing as opportunities for students to grieve and grow.

Teachers are perpetual students. Each day we learn some new piece of information from a book, an article, or a podcast, but we often learn a great deal more from our students. This following story is inspired by an...
Author: Sandy Cameli
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Food for Thought: Developing the "Whole" Young Adolescent

Every educational meal we create must begin with a redefinition of achievement. We typically equate achievement with grades, testing, and GPA scores. However, we know that if we place too much focus on numerical or...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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