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Feedback for Students, by Students

Feedback for Students, by Students

Developing student efficacy and engagement.

Four Ways to Help Students Take a More Active Role in the Feedback Process. Much has been written about feedback in recent years that most educators are acutely aware of the powerful influence it can have on student...
Author: Rachael Williams
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Topics: Assessment

Assessments: A Key Ingredient in Our Practice

Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously remarked that "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"—and the same is true for middle level education. No transformative educational meal was ever created based on fear. I...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Topics: Assessment
Assessing Assessments: Six Useful Strategies

Assessing Assessments: Six Useful Strategies

Diverse ways for students to show their thinking.

The need for effective assessment is an important topic for both school administrators and classroom teachers. Practical ideas and fresh concepts are essential, and meaningful assessments require both of these...
Author: James Davis
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Topics: Assessment
Scaffold for Individual and Group Success

Scaffold for Individual and Group Success

Supporting students' cognitive development.

As a first year teacher in a seventh grade classroom, I had several experiences that made me question my practice, try new strategies, and learn from my students. One particular problem seemed to reappear frequently...
Author: Paige Ferguson
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Providing Leadership and a Structure of Support

Providing Leadership and a Structure of Support

Administrators' advice for districtwide leadership.

When we think of the work that goes into helping schools thrive and be the centers of achievement and support for our students, we often think of the exceptional work of the people with direct, daily contact with...
Author: Derek McCoy, Tina Mashburn
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Throw Out Your History Textbook

Throw Out Your History Textbook

A case for primary source analysis.

Jay Leno: Debbie, where you from? Debbie: South. South San Francisco. Jay Leno: South San Francisco. OK, and you're a citizen of the United States? Debbie: I sure am. Jay Leno: Born here? Debbie: Sure was. Jay...
Author: Sean Robertson, Vanessa Scanfeld, Chris Cunningham, Vincent Dotoli
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Topics: Teaching

Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program

Students develop as leaders and advocates for positive change.

In 2012, I incorporated the Lead2Feed Student Leadership program into my classes because of its focus on leadership and service learning. In 2016, I decided to use Lead2Feed as the curriculum during our enrichment...
Author: Suzie Melton
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How can teachers help students become more self-aware?

This is part 1 of 5 in "Mentor Me" questions about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). There are five components of SEL: Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision–Making, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness, and...
Author: Amber Chandler
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We Have to Prepare Students for the Next Level, Don't We?

Some universities blame the poor academic performance of their young adult students on the poor quality instruction they think students received in high schools. High schools blame the middle schools, middle schools...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Talking Tech for the PBL Classroom

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional model that encourages active participation of students throughout the learning process. The Buck Institute describes PBL as, "a teaching method in which students gain...
Author: Kristie Smith
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