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Let's Make a Video

Let's Make a Video

Developing communication and leadership skills through community engagement

During the middle school years young adolescents not only become aware of the changes associated with physical and emotional maturity, but they also adjust to new learning standards and expectations. The goals of...
Author: Paulina Rodgers
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The Alexander Exploration

The Alexander Exploration

Using children's literature to explore "rich" representations and purposeful tools in mathematics

"Everything seems cheap—when was this book made?" asked one student as we embarked on an activity to engage students in a meaningful exploration focused on mathematical modeling and connections using the...
Author: Sarah B. Bush, Karen S. Karp, Kathryn R. Cohan
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Topics: STEM
Social and Emotional Learning through YA Literature

Social and Emotional Learning through YA Literature

Classroom strategies for using literature to help students with daily struggles

It didn't take long to realize Marissa was not going to be focused on the day's lesson. Shortly after arriving in class, she took her seat, placed her head in her hands, and started crying. She shared that her best...
Author: Brooke Boback Eisenbach, Kenzie Moniz, Robert Forrester
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Contemporary Music Connections to The Diary of Anne Frank

Contemporary Music Connections to The Diary of Anne Frank

Helping students draw meaning and demonstrate skills in discussing thematic elements

Teaching literacy skills through the story of Anne Frank has evolved for me—I've learned so much through my students and what they like in the music world! Their creativity and insights show academic progress,...
Author: Patricia McClair
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The Problem with, "Show Me  the Research" Thinking

The Problem with, "Show Me the Research" Thinking

Understanding the limitations of education research and accepting responsibility for contributing to moving it forward

Most studies in education are observational studies. This means that investigators pore over data previously collected by others. They seek correlations between different variables. This approach is far less expensive...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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The 3 S's of the Middle School Mind

The 3 S's of the Middle School Mind

Middle school students are going through a difficult stage of life. Here are three things educators should keep in mind.

I hated middle school. It seemed like a cruel joke almost 20 years ago that the only job I could find was teaching remedial English to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. When I tell my students that I hated middle...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Redefining the End Goal

Redefining the End Goal

Seven ways educators can help students look beyond grades

"There's no way I'm taking honors biology next year," Katie told me. "It's going to wreck my GPA." She was in eighth grade and contemplating the high school course options. I knew Katie collected insects for fun...
Author: Phyllis L. Fagell
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During-Reading Response: Visual Response or Drawing through the Text

During-Reading Response: Visual Response or Drawing through the Text

Ideas for helping readers visualize text to promote comprehension at deeper levels

Much of the writing we assign our students is public writing: writing to communicate with others. Writing-to-learn is personal writing, writing that helps students increase comprehension of texts—fiction and...
Author: Lesley Roessing
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Tags: Reading
Now What?

Now What?

Connecting students with what they're reading by pairing texts with real world experiences

Once we've learned to read, reading becomes a tool that helps us learn. Creating a learning experience that incorporates reading deeply, however, can be a challenge for today's teachers. How can we make reading...
Author: Sarah Gravemann
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Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Write on Sports summer camps blend sports and literacy with authentic, individualized learning

One of the many reasons teaching is a unique profession is that there is a finite beginning and end to each year. After bidding farewell to outgoing students, we have a summer vacation that provides us with time to...
Author: Andy Beutel
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