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Organizational Structures

We Are Family: Comprehensive Leadership in Middle Schools

We Are Family: Comprehensive Leadership in Middle Schools

Leadership and learning for all members of the school community

The middle school concept lends itself to the notion of family. With any family, giving roles and responsibility to each family member increases the family’s connection and productivity. This article will...
Author: LaTasha Adams, Ph.D.
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Magic in the Classroom

Magic in the Classroom

The power of reflections and experiences for a professor returning to the classroom

At last year's AMLE Annual Conference for Middle Level Education, I was surrounded by passionate, knowledgeable preservice and inservice teachers, veteran and new administrators, and early career and retired...
Author: Nancy Ruppert
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Reflective Coaching: Training for All Teachers

Assessment expert Dylan Wiliam says that student thinking is the primary goal for descriptive feedback. He contrasts that goal with what often happens when teachers use judgement instead of feedback with students:...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Instructional Leaders

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Instructional Leaders

Practices to support teachers.

"What's the point, Mrs. Adams?" asked Brian. I will never forget the confused yet honest look on my 8th grade student's face when he asked me this question after I had concluded my riveting lecture about the causes...
Author: Julie Adams
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Through the years, I've developed some successful strategies I'd like to share with my colleagues outside my school. Suggestions? What can I do?

Peer-to-peer sharing is one of our most meaningful and effective kinds of professional development—and it's so easy to do. Whether it's presenting at a meeting or conference, writing an article, or participating...
Author: Patricia George
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"Sometimes we are so focused on our teams and PLCs that we don't establish relationships with other teachers around the school. Any ideas for promoting schoolwide relationships and collaboration?"

Cultivating, building, and sustaining relationships is not guaranteed in all learning environments; however, just as we help students develop cooperative and communication skills, we can adopt and hone collaborative...
Author: Sandy Cameli
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The Courage It Takes

There’s a great story about General Westmoreland that reminds us what can happen if we are brave with each other. The general was reviewing a line of paratroopers and decided to talk to three of them. "Son,"...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Growth Buddies: Priceless Professional Development

Growth Buddies: Priceless Professional Development

Having a colleague who serves as a sounding board and a support system is a valuable part of professional development.

It all started when… Michele: "It all started because my last hour French students were driving me crazy. Becky was teaching in an eighth grade English classroom kitty-corner from mine, and I wandered in. I...
Author: Rebecca Kordatzky, Michele Lapean-Usher
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Relationships Matter: Transformation Through Wayside Teaching

Relationships Matter: Transformation Through Wayside Teaching

There's no getting around it—we teach who we are. By our presence in a classroom, it is inevitable that students learn about us. We teach who we are, so who we are matters. Who we are becomes evident through...
Author: Sara Davis Powell
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The Intellectual Life of Teachers

If we’re not careful, we may lose our intellectual selves. We can grow numb with repeated exposure to ideology and structures built to maintain the school’s status quo. With each passing year, our...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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