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Scheduling Time for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Scheduling common planning time is vital to interdisciplinary instruction.

Professional collaboration, an integral part of the middle school concept, is a prerequisite for effective interdisciplinary instruction. When teachers have the opportunity to collaborate during the school day, they...
Author: Elliot Y. Merenbloom, Barbara A. Kalina
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Common Core Standards & Interdisciplinary Instruction

Common Core Standards & Interdisciplinary Instruction

Do Common Core Standards help or hinder interdisciplinary instruction?

Where do the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) fit into interdisciplinary instruction? Some educators contend that the CCSS encourage interdisciplinary teaching; others argue that the standards are getting in the...
Author: Michelle Schwartze, Douglas Hatch
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Weaving Math and Language Arts Literacy

Weaving Math and Language Arts Literacy

Helping students see the connection between math and English/language arts builds their skills in both areas.

Why do students think they have to choose to be "good at math" or "good at English"? Why do they assume the two are somehow disconnected? The fact is that math can enhance students’ abilities in written and...
Author: Terri Teal Bucci, Lee J. McEwan
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The Power of Thinking Across Disciplines

On a Wednesday in early February, a group of sixth grade students at Saddle River Day School in New Jersey sat around a small collection of desks arranged like a table. This makeshift table came complete with a...
Author: Joshua Deitch
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Exploring Science Through Fine Arts

Exploring Science Through Fine Arts

Integrating the fine arts into science instruction promotes differentiation and encourages exploration.

The middle school years are a pivotal time in students’ understanding of and enthusiasm for science, according to the National Science Teachers Association. Science must be something that students do, not...
Author: Judy Beck, Laura Kaufmann, & Cece Toole
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A Teaching Mosaic: Putting Together the Pieces of Interdisciplinary Instruction

It was a Monday morning, two short weeks before Mardi Gras and unusually chilly for the Crescent City. A gaggle of seventh graders had just begun to assault my classroom. In defense (or terror), I pulled a Jeb...
Author: Folwell Dunbar
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Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaching Team Configuration upon the Social Bonding of Middle School Students

This study compared two configurations of sixth-grade students and core teachers to measure the students' perceived levels of social bonding with their peers, their school, and their teachers. One configuration...
Author: John J. Wallace
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A Unit of Study Approach for Teaching Common Core State Standards for Writing

A Unit of Study Approach for Teaching Common Core State Standards for Writing

A unit of study can provide a framework that fosters student engagement with writing tasks.

Middle grades students write—daily. They text, pass notes, send e-mails, blog, and post updates on Facebook. At the center of students' non-academic writing are their day-to-day thoughts, stories, and...

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