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Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Physical activity improves students' cognitive performance.

If a pill could improve your child's self-esteem, memory, attention span, standardized test scores, and ability to problem solve, would you rush to the store and buy it? If it did not need a prescription, was free,...
Babysitting: Benefits Inside and Outside the Classroom

Babysitting: Benefits Inside and Outside the Classroom

Middle school is a transition time for tweens and young teens who may be ready to move on from elementary school but still have much to learn about responsibility and self-reliance. Guiding students toward these...
Author: Grant Hansen
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Respectfully Declining Student Invitations

Question: "I let my students know that I am interested in what they do outside my classroom. Consequently, they often invite me to their non-school-related activities like community-league ball games or community...
Author: Tom Burton
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Building the Bridge to Middle School

Building the Bridge to Middle School

What do you remember from your middle school or junior high days? Your test scores? Your grades? Probably not. You are more likely to remember special occasions and events that made a particularly positive...
Author: Elyse Daniel, Tom Grudowski, and Philip Brown
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