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Silent Mentoring

Silent Mentoring

A strategy to embrace all students

I started my teaching career in high school English for two years before I transitioned to middle school, or what I always referred to as teaching-topia. I taught seventh grade for nine years, and during that time I...
Author: Katie Novak
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Our SEL Journey

Our SEL Journey

One school's approach to rethinking advisory

From our first days on campus, it was clear that the school had once been committed to an advisory program. There were dusty advisory binders in the corners of classrooms, and many teachers remained passionate about...
Author: Rachel Pregont, Roberto d'Erizans
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The Challenge of Advisory and Why it's Worth the Effort

The Challenge of Advisory and Why it's Worth the Effort

Successful advisory programs can have significant positive impacts on student engagement

Does this sound familiar? Advisory programs? What a waste of time! Students just goof around. Advisory programs? Great idea, but who's going to put it together? I'm way too busy already. Advisory programs? What...
Author: Matt Pearsall
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Creating Connections in Our School: It was BIGGER than We Thought!

Creating Connections in Our School: It was BIGGER than We Thought!

Making connections with advisory is so much fun

When we first began creating our advisory program, its purpose was to replace a 30-minute homeroom embedded in our day. One of the problems with advisory at the time was that teachers were struggling to create...
Author: Ellen D'Amore, Erin Tobul
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Turning Up Teaming

Teaming, at its best, is a collaborative act that rewards the faculty who engage with it socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Those fortunate enough to have a group of colleagues as a teaching team know it...
Author: Karynne Kleine
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Technology in Advisory Programs: The Softer Side of Hardware

Chase sat in the back of the room every day, silent and sullen, hiding behind his long bangs. I was supposed to be teaching him about ancient Mesopotamia, and everything about his body language said, "Leave me...
Author: Lynn Salehi
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Making a Difference through Student Advocacy

Making a Difference through Student Advocacy

The students needed me to make a difference, and they couldn’t wait another year for me to figure it out. The disciplinary referrals were piling up in the manila folder on my desk. Their pink, yellow and white...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Looking at Executive Function

It was bright orange and boxy. I had used it repeatedly to "catch air," plowing over snow piles at high speed in school parking lots during the winter. Doing these stunts was safe, I reasoned: It was the family...
Making Connections with Advisory

Making Connections with Advisory

Relationships are among the most important elements of student success.

Middle grades students are small, medium, and big bundles of morphing cells. Just walk through the halls of a middle school during class changes and you will realize how unsure they can be about their physical...
Author: Ellen D'Amore
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Jump-Start Your Student Advocacy Program

Creating a unique climate and culture in which all students feel welcome, safe, and secure is the responsibility of the school community. This is especially important in a middle school where students are trying to...
Author: Jill Dreer, Jennifer Moyer, Nancy Schneider, Meredith Weiss, Susan Lloyd
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