AMLE Members Say…

In fall 2018, AMLE members were invited to participate in a survey about their experiences as middle school educators. In each issue of AMLE Newsletter—your bimonthly member e-newsletter—you'll find a new question with member answers and supporting resources, which were gleaned from this survey. Take a look at what your fellow educators said about important issues and key practices in their schools and classrooms.

We asked: How do you feel about the attention paid to standardized tests at your school?
You said: 32.40% We pay too much attention
31.20% It's just right
26.35% We pay slightly too much attention
5.15% We don't focus on this at all
4.90% We need to pay more attention
Resources: The Relationship between Curriculum-based Measures in Oral Reading Fluency and High-Stakes Tests for Seventh Grade Students
by Sawyer A. Hunley, Susan C. Davies, Christina R. Miller
Efficient vs. Effective Environments: Testing the Testing Environment
by Katie Houdek
The Influence of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Eighth Grade Mathematics Achievement
by Christopher H. Tienken, James A. Maher
Helping Students Understand the Rigors of Assessment Text
by Ruby Payne

We asked: About engaging outside experts for student learning … do you:
You said: 68.99% Hold assemblies with guest speakers
48.37% Host experts in person directly in the classroom
29.40% Students visit outside professionals
23.32% Hold virtual discussions (phone, Skype, live webinar) with outside experts
18.48% None of these
Resources: Going Beyond School
by Rachel Mark, Katy Farber
No More Assemblies
by Vanessa Scanfeld, Vincent Dotoli

We asked: Which statement most closely reflects your view of focusing on growth mindset?
You said: 79.95% I firmly believe in the importance of growth mindset and coach my students to develop this way of thinking about learning
13.98% It's a good way to view learning, but has limited usefulness
6.07% It's just the latest buzz, fad, jargon
Resources: Grit and Growth Mindset: Deficit Thinking?
by Rick Wormeli
Webinar: Growth Mindset in the Middle School Classroom: Lessons for Teachers
with presenters Rachel Kamb, Tammy Fisher, Kate Tovias