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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Do Students Fail?

By: Grant Helton

With all of the new technology we have today, why are more students failing now than ever? All of the new stimulation to the brain via TV, Xbox, computers, and cell phones keep the brain on things other than school. The new generation of students has a shorter attention span because of all the electronic stimulation. When I listened to presenter Bob Parnell, he said that the brain is being "formulated differently." Because of the different formulation, the brain wants "immediate gratification," which is the basis of "I want it" and "Is it done yet?" Signs of why a student is failing are poor attendance at school, a lack of attention, failure to complete homework, and low test scores. Bob Parnell said, "When students are greeted at the door of the classroom, students feel more welcome to strive for success." Mr. Parnell told teachers to greet students at a school he visited, and within two weeks, test scores had improved by 15%. Although some teachers say it might be manipulative to greet people with a kind expression, in the long run it will help the teacher look good because students will do better. All in all, it's important to understand that education is the future of this country. You need to look at it with a "visionary eye."


1...A Word with Our Nation's Principal
2...A Hall with Horses
3...Truly America's Finest
4...Apps Are Where It's At!
5...Why Do Students Fail?
6...A View from the Stands
7...The Promising Future of Education


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