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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Next Generation:
Modern Media in the Classroom

By: Abby Huber, Chloe Wellens, and Sydney Cook

Imagine a history classroom where students are connecting what they have been learning in class with a media clip. They are comparing the fashion and economy of Kit Kittredge, the movie, to the era they are studying. They are taking the well-known lit circle and using media to evaluate context clues in the film, transforming it into a media circle. Ryan Goble created the popular website Making Curriculum Pop, a Ning devoted to "better practices and teaching with pop culture." He, along with his mother, Pam Goble, presented "Media Circles: Cooperative Learning for Media-Savvy Teachers."

Literature circles have been proven to produce more involvement and participation from individual students, especially when you incorporate modern day media such as movie clips, PowerPoints, websites, and online music videos with songs that relate to the lesson. It helps students remember information, vocabulary words, or any other learning concept more enthusiastically. It grabs the students' minds and mesmerizes them in a way they can correlate to their everyday lives. This also compels students to interact with other peers and speak aloud their particular thoughts about the matter. A small group gives the opportunity for the learner to communicate with diverse students who may be more reticent or with people they may not typically talk to. Improvement in grades generally results from the interaction students get with this program.

Teachers benefit from this type of learning as well. A more involved class and more participation from the students produce a more enjoyable environment and a fun class. Teachers can also aid visual learners in gaining an advantage in the classroom through the use of vibrant colored paper. It catches the students' attention and makes them want to know more. Students learn in colors; therefore, using colorful classroom articles or tools keeps students aware of what they are learning.

By incorporating the suggested classroom techniques in their presentation, Pam and Ryan Goble led an interactive and educational session. It showed that it is essential to bring the next generation of media into the classroom each and every day. It keeps the students focused and involved in the work they are required to complete. If you incorporate these strategies, students are involved and want to be in class each day.


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