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Friday, November 9, 2007

Who's the Victim?

by Nathan S., Friendswood Junior High student

Perfect. That's what everyone wants to be. But the sad fact is that no one is. You could be the star of a football team, but not have exemplary grades, or vice versa. That's what bullies use, that fear of imperfection. Sadly, bullies have many tactics, too. The one I hate the worst is the verbal assault.

Bullies are actually the most insecure people and need to pound someone below them. I've been bullied my entire life. Being short for my age has been the source of my torment, causing me to be used as a punching bag since pre-k. "Hey stump! Go back to Mommy!" "Shorty, why don't you go cry? Boo hoo!!" "Shrimp, go back to the freak show you came from!"

And sadly, some of us victims then feel that we simply aren't adequate. The insecurities are verified, causing many of us to resort to the same behavior we abhor. What a vicious cycle. A session at the NMSA conference talked about all of this.

Basically, all bullies are people that have problems, whether it's that they think lowly of themselves or they have problems at home. Victims can't let them get to you. We can't let them take us down. Ignoring them will eventually stop the torment, and you will soon realize that you don't have to be perfect to be you. I have realized that. Now, when someone says "Man you're short," I say, "Yeah I am … you have a point?"

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