Student Influencer Contest

Deadline to Apply is October 9!

Do you know a student that has that special knack for telling a great story, seeing the good in others and is eager to be in the spotlight? AMLE, in conjunction with @revenue and partners, is proud to announce the Student Social Media Influencer Competition!

We will be selecting one student to be our social media influencer at AMLE20, Oct 23-25, 2020. The student influencer will add their voice to the conference by creating social media videos, posts, and conversations and will receive a wealth of knowledge on social media as a career field and benefits including:

  • Training how to safely and effectively use social media from experts including Sprout Social (one of the largest social media companies in the country) and current Social Media Influencers,
  • A professional social media set up
  • A video package that can be used in future college applications
  • A lot of fun, a little fame and some great skills to take with them

What are we looking for in a student influencer?

  • Articulate and motivated
  • Creative and tech savvy
  • Interested in social media and potentially theater and writing
  • Personable and engages with a broad range of fellow students with similar and different interests as their own
  • Assertive in a way that isn't bullying but they get their point across

What will they learn?

Social Media is one career field that did not suffer during the pandemic. Crazy, but true! This exciting opportunity is taking FUN and applying communication skills, creativity, and the sparkle of social media and turning it into a view of what their future could hold. We will be working with some of the leaders in social media education and special influencers to give these students not only a glimpse at what this industry can offer (beyond TikTok fame) but how to use it responsibly to tell powerful stories. Students will learn:

  • How to make engaging social media video, posts, designs, and concepts
  • How to leverage social media as a platform for change
  • What a career in professional media can hold for their future
  • Safety & responsibility for today’s social world

How can I nominate a student?

Students can submit their applications at Submissions will be available for audience voting that will help our expert panel determine the finalist.

Click this link to access a draft email explaining this exciting opportunity to your student and their parents or guardians. Included is the process for their application and the terms and conditions.

What do they need to apply?

We will be requesting the following items from applicants:

  • A 90-second video about why they would make a good influencer
  • A 300-word essay about a teacher that has had a big impact on their life

Finalists will be selected by October 10th and the winner will be selected on October 13th.

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