Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Nashville, TN • November 7–9, 2019

Dedra Stafford

Dedra Stafford is an internationally known speaker, trainer, and author in the educational world. She is a former middle level teacher and district professional development specialist who now consults and provides staff development in classroom management, differentiated instruction, raising the level of rigor, technology integration, and instructional leadership across the country.

Dedra has presented in 3 international schools and more than 40 states. Much of Dedra's time is spent supporting high-risk schools in an embedded capacity. She has the ability and versatility to come into a school and work with the leadership team to develop a professional development plan that is responsive to the students' needs and teachers' needs in that specific school. Dedra strives to help teachers understand how to use differentiated instruction, best practices, technology, formative assessment, and other research-based tools to gain engagement and achievement. Dedra creates entertaining workshops that get crowds energized, motivated, and inspired to be their best for the students they serve.

Featured Sessions

Thursday - November 7, 2019
Teaching Kids to Thrive: Creating an SEL Culture in Your Building
Strand - High Impact Classroom Strategies

Shifting to a culture that THRIVES building-wide is more than a character word per month or a lesson to be done in advisory class. Creating a culture of "Thrive Skills"—growth mindset, mindfulness, self-efficacy, gratitude, empathy and other SEL skills—takes purposeful planning, faculty buy-in, and building-wide implementation. So, seriously, how do you make that happen? Come in and have an honest discussion about the need for each of the Thrive skills based on the book by Stafford and Silver and how to move the culture in your building toward social and emotional learning successfully.

Friday - November 8, 2019
Get Your Classroom Thinking! Deeper Learning Strategies for Any Classroom
Strand - High Impact Classroom Strategies
Today's students must not only know facts but be skilled at identifying the salient information and structuring it for meaning and application. It's time to get our students THINKING DEEPER. Join Dedra, coauthor with Rick Wormeli of Summarization in Any Subject: 60 Innovative, Tech-Infused Strategies for Deeper Student Learning, for a fresh look at creative variations to the basics, including brand new techniques. Dedra will walk you through several of her favorite interactive "use it now" summarization strategies that you can implement immediately in your own classroom.

Friday - November 8, 2019
Chasing the Unicorn of Classroom Management
Strand - Creating a Culture that Makes a Difference
Feel like you are always looking for that next great magic solution that will make your classroom the envy of your teacher friends? The ever allusive "classroom unicorn" is real. Build relationships, create a common-sense approach to procedures, and use a simple 1-2-3 approach to finding the magic solution for most classroom behavior issues. New teachers and veteran teachers must attend this session. We will walk through scenarios and discuss the obstacles that are in your way. Come in and bring a pencil; you will want to write this stuff down!