Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Nashville, TN • November 7–9, 2019

Bobby Moore

Dr. Bobby Moore is known for high energy, engaging, and thought-provoking keynote addresses, presentations, and workshops. Moore has presented all over the country and internationally. As the former principal of a nationally recognized middle school and the author of the AMLE book Inspire, Motivate, Collaborate, and the upcoming book, Culture Starts with You, he is recognized across the country as a thought leader in education. While serving as middle school principal, his school received visitors from all over the state to learn how one of the lowest funded districts in Ohio was also one of the highest performing, despite poverty and limited resources. During his time as a superintendent Bobby led his district to the highest rating of Excellent with Distinction, for the first time for the district, and to a ranking among the top districts in the state for student growth. For the last several years, Bobby led one of the largest school improvement collaboratives in the United States for the not-for-profit Battelle for Kids and has done extensive consulting with state departments of education and large urban districts. Bobby is currently president and CEO of the EPIC Impact Education Group and is the strategic partnerships and professional learning manager for AMLE. His areas of interest and expertise include leadership; emotional intelligence; high performing middle schools; positive school culture; motivating and engaging staff; leveraging time, talent, and resources (school scheduling); literacy; and character education. Follow Bobby Moore on Twitter @DrBobbyMoore.

Featured Sessions

Thursday & Friday - November 7–8, 2019
Culture Starts with You
Strand - Creating a Culture that Makes a Difference

Teacher and school morale is at an all time low. Teachers and leaders are responsible for school culture and it starts with understanding what school culture is and is not. Learn how to identify the behaviors and practices that may be derailing your school culture and strategies for elimination. Identify the beliefs and values necessary for a great school culture. Also, if teacher and school leaders are not happy and optimistic in their own lives, how can they create a school that inspires hope for their students? Attend this important session and begin a journey today of more optimism and a better school culture.