Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Nashville, TN • November 7–9, 2019

Garth Larson

Garth Larson, Ed.D is the part-time K-12 director of educator effectiveness for the Winneconne Community School District in Wisconsin and serves as president of FIRST Educational Resources based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Garth has served on the board of directors for ASCD Wisconsin, the K-12 Advisory Council for Education for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UW) and is an adjunct faculty member for educational courses offered through UW Oshkosh. Garth has served all levels of education as a teacher, dean of students, principal, and director. Since 2013, over 1500 school districts throughout the United States have worked with Garth and his company to better ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.

Featured Sessions

Thursday - November 7, 2019
PLC 2.0: A Newly Enhanced Model to Ensure High Levels of Learning for ALL Students
Strand - Characteristics of High Performing Middle Schools
Is collaborative time a challenge for you in your school? Would you like to have more effective teacher collaboration that has an observable impact on teacher learning and student outcomes? If you are looking for ways to create better and more meaningful learning experiences for you and your students, this session is perfect for you and your team! Come learn how the Winneconne Community School District in Wisconsin (including Winneconne Middle School) revamped its PLC structures and became the second highest rated school district in Wisconsin. Join Garth Larson, Ed.D as he guides educators through the PLC 2.0 model, all while putting an action plan in place to better support learning for ALL students within their classrooms and buildings.

Thursday - November 7, 2019
Using Dialogue to Increase Engagement and Promote Deep Learning for ALL Students
Strand - High Impact Classroom Strategies
What exactly is dialogue in the classroom and are we truly engaging in this highly regarded high impact classroom strategy? Most educators believe dialogue is just getting our students to talk to each other in partners or collaborative groups. However, dialogue for engagement and deep learning is a much more detailed and purposeful approach to learning. Dialogue is one the best vehicles for helping students learn how to think for themselves, make moral decisions, and understand other point of views. In this engaging and motivational session, Garth Larson, Ed.D will present various strategies that can be implemented immediately to enhance dialogue and ensure deeper and long lasting learning for ALL students ALL schools.