Moving the Needle: Proven Strategies for Successfully Implementing School Change

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School improvement isn’t a one-time event. As our world rapidly changes, so must we change how we “do school.” Good school leaders are constantly re-evaluating how best to serve our students by identifying areas that need improvement and courageously working with colleagues and the community to facilitate and embrace change that aims to help students develop the academic and personal skills they need to be successful.

In this timely resource, Mike Muir offers

  • Insights into the change process, including myths and challenges
  • Ways to face the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality
  • Strategies for bringing team members to embrace a mindset of being agents of change rather than victims of change.
  • Details about every aspect of a successful change process
  • Practical and doable strategies.
  • How to develop shared leadership teams
  • Ideas for engaging diverse stakeholders
  • Tips for supporting team members

This book is one that every administrator, team leader, teacher leader, and counselor should get familiar with and use to make the change process a success for all.