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Grow Student Leaders & End World Hunger
Presenter: USA Today & the Lift a Life Foundation

Join AMLE, USA Today & the Lift a Life Foundation as they discuss the importance of middle level student leadership and Lead2Feed, a service learning program that nurtures a new generation of passionate leaders– the ones sitting in our classroomswhile working to end world hunger.
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Common Core State Standards, Curriculum, Family and Community, Health, Wellness, Guidance, Leadership, School Culture/Climate, Student Leadership, Teaching,
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Making Advisory Magic Happen in the Middle Level!
Presenter: Ellen D'Amore

Join AMLE and Ellen D'Amore as we look at how to implement and maintain an effective and magical advisory program in your school. Get practical strategies for the bright road ahead!
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Middle School Concept, Organizational Structures, School Culture/Climate, Teaching, Teaming, Young Adolescent Development,
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After School Programs in the Middle Grades: Rigor without Mortis
Presenter: Kim Campbell

Just saying you have an after school program is not enough. Please join Kim Campbell and AMLE as we discuss a successful after school program, Students On Academic Rise (SOAR), created specifically to address the achievement gap.
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, At-risk/RTI, Diversity and Social Equity, Family and Community, School Culture/Climate, Student Leadership,
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Watching Students GLO in the Middle Grades
Presenter: Dr. Sandy Cameli

Join AMLE and Dr. Sandy Cameli as we discuss practical ways to implement General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) into your middle grades classroom!
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Differentiated Instruction, School Culture/Climate, Teaching, Young Adolescent Development,
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Best Practices in Middle School Advisory Programs
Presenter: Dennis Schug

Join AMLE and Dennis Schug as we explore the best practices for advisory/advisement programs in the middle grades.
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Leadership, Organizational Structures, School Culture/Climate,
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A Trauma-Informed Toolbox for the Middle-Level Educator
Presenter: Michael Uden

Join AMLE and Dr. Michael Uden from Concordia University as we delve into this vital topic. Did you know that between half to two thirds of all school-age children experience some form of trauma?
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy, Family and Community, Health, Wellness, Guidance, School Culture/Climate, Young Adolescent Development,
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Creating an Advisory Program that Works
Presenter: Matt Pearsall, Kate Tovias

How do you create a successful advisory program? Research suggests customizing a program for your school is key, but who has the time and resources to do that? You do! With thoughtful planning, any school can develop an advisory program that meets its particular needs.
Topics: Advisory/Advocacy,
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